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Credit Scores could be affected by Social Site Behaviors
21 Oct' 15

Credit Scores could be affected by Social Site Behaviors

Fair Isaac Company says it is considering what you have on your personal social media sites when determining your credit worthiness.

I had to check the calendar to make sure when I first read this.  When I realized it wasn't April Fools day it got me thinking.  We have all heard or read the book by Stephen Covey called of the 7 habits of Highly Effective People.  These "Effective People," it can fairly be assumed, would be a good credit risk.  That means anything on your social media website that gives indication that you are (1) Proactive, (2) Have vision for the future, (3) are working to improve yourself, (4) have a "Win-Win" attitude, (5) a seeker of understanding before seeking to be understood, (6) a believer in positive teamwork and  (7) well balanced with personal activities such as exercise, prayer, meditation and service to society would enhance your credit worthiness.

On the other hand, posting on your social media sites with hints that you (1) do the least possible, (2) "Shoot first, ask questions later," (3) point out everyone else's faults, (4) look for what's in it for me, (5) have a closed mind, unwilling to listen to others, (6) don't play well with others and (7) are one dimensional might not enhance your chances of being approved for a mortgage loan.

Just one more thing to worry about regarding your social media exploits.

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